Friday, February 6, 2015

Updating Old Furniture

We built this Oak Television Cabinet in 1990 and used it until 2001.  Televisions have come a long way since then.  After moving this beast 4 times it has been in retirement for 14 years.  Since I am a little nostalgic, and love to reprocess most everything (I think they have a name for it....Eccentric Hoarder????).  Now we have a beautiful and very useful entertainment cabinet - aka mini-bar.

Doors open and pushed back, the bottom shelf flips out for additional serving space.

View with shelf placed back inside the cabinet

This shows a better view of the shelf flipped back and the piano hinge.  LED lighting is concealed under the overhang of the upper shelf.  The lighting can be direct wired or plugged into a standard wall outlet with a timer so that lights will turn on and off for your preferred happy hour(s)

Side view with shelf extended

This shows the true beauty of this solid wood Oak cabinet ('s heavy!).  Doors closed, and looking like it did the day we made it.  Oak is a very durable and timeless wood, but has been less commonly used for kitchen cabinets over the last 10 years due to trends in wood grains and color tones.  

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